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7 Hot Home Decor Trends for 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014   /   by William Culp

7 Hot Home Decor Trends for 2014

Home decorators seem to agree that ‘bold, colorful and sensual’ best describe the home décor trends for 2014, with radiant colors, tactile interest, and individualized style statements all leading the way.


If you’re looking to rejuvenate the look of your home, consider these trending alternatives:


Warm colors – Ditch the neutrals and heat up your décor with yellow, orange, red, marine blue, even vibrant orchid. Start with the kitchen, paint the family room or guest bath, and brighten your rooms with art prints and accents that ‘pop.’


Mirrors – Get rid of boring, rectangular mirrors in favor of round or oval-framed designs that add focus and color to the living or dining room. Pay attention to size and proportion, and see your new mirrors add both interest and depth.


Heavy metal – Actually, all metals from gold and silver to weathered brass and rose gold are the go-to choices for home accessories in 2014, with copper as the stand-out favorite. Look for metal accents everywhere this year, from lighting and decorative pieces to indoor and outdoor sculptures and even bar stools.


Leggy lights – Whether standing, arching, or attached to the wall, thin, linear lights on extended arms will be lighting our rooms this year.


Velvets and other textures – They’re not your great-aunt’s red velvet settee, but sofas this year will sport more elegant velvets and plush, tactile textures in a wide variety of colors.


Vintage wonders – One-of-kind vases, art prints, kitchen tools, and more gleaned from the attic or thrift store are becoming increasingly popular. Look for the stand-out focal piece that will make people ask, “where did you find that?”


Mountain greenery – Casual is hip, so incorporating plants, plants, and more plants into the décor is another big trend this year. Fake is fine, but if your plants are real, make sure they stay watered and healthy.