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Are You Ready to Downsize Your Kitchen?

Thursday, December 26, 2013   /   by William Culp

Are You Ready to Downsize Your Kitchen?

Getting more with less - that goal creeps into hundreds of DIY projects around the home. And nowhere are we seeing more activity when it comes to downsizing than in kitchens.

Whether it's simplifying arrangements of cabinets and appliances as we age in place, or a desire for a modern or minimalist cooking zone, there is no shortage of good advice on how to get started and get through it.


Thinking of downsizing a kitchen from 10,000 feet, Claire Bock at apartmenttherapy.com recommends starting with key small appliances. Think about those that you use most often and those that are the biggest time savers, and prioritize them.


Bock says the more mismatched your dishes and glassware are, the more space that they will take up. Matching dishes and glassware have more stacking ability, which will maximize your storage.

She says companies like Joseph Joseph to design clever, multi-tasking kitchenware that is made for those with limited space, like this folding box grater. Nesting bowls are a must when downsizing on space, and several companies make them in various materials from stainless steel to melamine.


If you have any open walls, Bock says take advantage of the open shelving trend and add some stylish storage. Even if an open wall is very small, she says IKEA makes wall brackets for hanging kitchen utensils, which will clear up space in your kitchen drawers.


Apartmenttherapy.com also points downsizers to a new compact dishwasher is by Zanussi featuring an excellent energy rating, and the ability to wash/dry a full 6 place settings. The model ZSF2450S has a smart LED display, 5 different washing programs and only uses 7 L (1.85 gallons) of water each time it goes through a cycle.


The Zanussi can actually fit underneath a sink, placed on a counter or inside a cupboard. Measuring just 18" high, 21" wide and 19" deep, this model is also pretty quiet, generating a total of only 48 dB- a bit louder than an average refrigerator.


Article written by John Voket