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Lux Bathroom Updates to Change Your Space

Friday, May 16, 2014   /   by William Culp

Lux Bathroom Updates to Change Your Space

Whether you're fixing up your new home, prepping to sell your existing space, or just looking to renovate, the following suggestions can take your bathroom to a whole new level.


Upgrade your vanity – Instead of a standard sink, try recycling an existing piece of furniture into a bathroom vanity by cutting a hole in the top of a beloved dresser or chest to drop in a sink and a faucet. Make sure the piece of furniture has ample storage space—drawers and cabinets are a must.


Curved shower rod – These rounded shower rods make your shower seem more open and airy, providing more space at a low cost.


Spa feel – An updated master bathroom is one of the most coveted features for buyers. Make your bathroom feel extra luxurious with added perks like a rain-style shower head, extra fluffy white towels (so worth the splurge) and a vessel sink.


A skylight – Natural light does wonders for any room, and the bathroom is no different. If your home layout allows for it, try carving a skylight in your bathroom to flood the space with daylight while still allowing for privacy.


Innovative light fixtures – If you can't afford a skylight but still crave a well-lit bathroom, mix multiple light sources to create a balanced lighting plan. Consider recessed ceiling lights, a four-bulb vanity light fixture over the mirror and lights in the shower to really give the room a bright makeover.


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