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Summertime in Charlotte and Ways to Enjoy it!

Thursday, June 13, 2013   /   by William Culp

Summertime in Charlotte and Ways to Enjoy it!

As many have likely noticed, it is summertime once again. Summer is a great time for many of life greatest pleasures, such as fishing, exercising, gardening, or good old relaxing. The possibilities are endless, and everyone experiences summer in their own way. There is much to do and not a lot of time to do it.

Giving Tree Realty has Four of the Best Ways to Enjoy Your Summer:


That’s right. As it turns out, for the person with time on their hands, books are quite the treat. So go ahead, take your favorite couch or hammock, get nice and comfy and set off on your journey. Reading can benefit you in several ways. For one, reading a book is like directing a movie in your head. Sure, the script is there, but only you decide how you perceive it. Reading can also benefit your vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and keep your mind sharp (particularly important during the summer months). So go out there, expand your mind, take a journey, and read a book.


All that sun is good for more than just getting some summer color, get outside and play in the dirt. Plant some flowers, tomatoes, corn, or beans and watch your garden bloom. If your lawn has been punished by heat and drought, don't feel helpless. Use the coming months as an opportunity to help your lawn recover.


Go to the lake

We all know how hot it is outside, and how important it is to keep cool. Lake Norman is located a short drive north of Charlotte and offers fun for the whole family. There are several beach areas to enjoy, as well as many places to rent boats or canoes so you can explore the lake for yourself. Lake Norman is always bustling with activity during the summer and there’s a reason why.


Amusement parks

Life is hard. That’s why things like roller coasters and pizza exist. While having both of those things at once may not be a great idea, you can enjoy them at Carowinds Park, located just down I-77 on the border of the North and South Carolina. Carowinds isn’t just close, it’s also packed with fun for the whole family. Rollercoasters? Check. Kid rides? Check. Waterslides? Check.

Whatever you choice is, enjoy the summer and have fun!