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Sunday, June 23, 2013   /   by William Culp

May 2013 Proves To Be A Record Month For South Charlotte Real Estate

This May, real estate sales in south Charlotte have broken several-year heights. According to data from the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association and calculations by South Charlotte Weekly, more homes were sold in May than any other month in the last two and a half years.
May’s total of 381 sold homes has seemingly confirmed the recent optimistic attitude of local realtors on Charlotte’s real estate market. Average home sale price rose to the second highest month average since 2011. The only month in that time to beat this May’s average sale price was June of last year.
The month of May has shown increased real estate performance in previous years as well. May of last year brought the second-highest amount of sold homes for the year, and May of 2011 was the highest of its year.
One reason for this is the depleting inventory of available South Charlotte real estate. The rate homes are being purchased in the area exceeds the rate at which ne ...

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Thursday, June 13, 2013   /   by William Culp

Summertime in Charlotte and Ways to Enjoy it!

As many have likely noticed, it is summertime once again. Summer is a great time for many of life greatest pleasures, such as fishing, exercising, gardening, or good old relaxing. The possibilities are endless, and everyone experiences summer in their own way. There is much to do and not a lot of time to do it.
Giving Tree Realty has Four of the Best Ways to Enjoy Your Summer:
That’s right. As it turns out, for the person with time on their hands, books are quite the treat. So go ahead, take your favorite couch or hammock, get nice and comfy and set off on your journey. Reading can benefit you in several ways. For one, reading a book is like directing a movie in your head. Sure, the script is there, but only you decide how you perceive it. Reading can also benefit your vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and keep your mind sharp (particularly important during the summer months). So go out there, expand your mind, take a journey, and read a book.
All that sun i ...

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Monday, June 10, 2013   /   by Bruce L.

Now is the Time to Buy a Luxury Home in the Charlotte Area

In 2007, the world took a big hit. Since the financial crisis, businesses and workers have seen a slow but steady improvement, especially here in the Charlotte area. The Charlotte real estate market has grown along with the city. Charlotte was one of the last places to be hit during the recession, and by many accounts, the first one out.

The city of Charlotte itself has a diverse and impressive business resume which has brought the area a great deal of growth and affluence. Since Charlotte is located in central North Carolina it provides quick access to the mountains and beaches, as well as the state’s well known schools and universities. All of this makes Charlotte a prime location for buying real estate in North Carolina.

The value of luxury homes and high-end apartments are finally beginning to reach pre-recession levels, and they show no signs of slowing down. As the economy continues to improve and confidence rises, consumers will seek to buy and sell their properties ...

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